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Our house got a self portrait!

I have always wanted to commission a painting. But I never really knew what I’d want. We’ve known Giorgio Trobec for many years – through our dogs. His work is so cheerful and fun, and bright and unusual. For my birthday in April this year, I decided to treat myself and ask him to paint… Continue reading Our house got a self portrait!

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{DIY} Pine Dressing table makeover

I’ve had my dressing table for, probably, close on 20 years. It’s a little pine thing, that has splats of nail polish on it, nail polish remover bleached spots, some of the mirror clip things are missing… it’s really not beautiful and has seen better days.     But have you seen the prices of… Continue reading {DIY} Pine Dressing table makeover

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An island for Christmas

So, I got an island for Christmas! Wait, let me rephrase that… I got an island makeover for Christmas ūüėĬ† Still confused? Our¬†kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in this house, it was¬†extended and renovated about 10 years ago, and is quite custom. It’s not necessarily what I would’ve chosen if I had the… Continue reading An island for Christmas

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{DIY} Little display shelf makeover

Ages ago, I bought two pre-loved little bookshelves off our neighbourhood whatsapp group. One was baby blue, and one was light purple. I bought them both for R200… you might remember I painted one white and put it in the guest room as part of the¬†Guest Bedroom Makeover Series¬†(don’t ask how that is going BTW!).… Continue reading {DIY} Little display shelf makeover

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{ Week 2 DIY } Guest Bedroom :: Paint

{ Part of the¬†Guest Bedroom Makeover Series¬†} YES! We painted! The weekend of 9¬†& 10¬†September was pretty much all about painting! After a LOT of back and forth and “is it too dark?”, “is it dark enough?”, “is it too much?” , “I really think I’ll love it”, “what if I don’t?!” I decided to… Continue reading { Week 2 DIY } Guest Bedroom :: Paint

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{ Week 1 DIY } Guest Bedroom :: New Light

{ Part of the Guest Bedroom Makeover Series¬†} Playing a bit of catchup… The makeover started in August with the removal of the old ceiling light in the bedroom, and the repair of the ceiling where we took the light down. Silly me, no before pic of the light, but it was pretty similar to… Continue reading { Week 1 DIY } Guest Bedroom :: New Light