Goodbye Number 3

We’ve been at Number 3, in a townhouse for around 7 years. It’s a great little house and has served us well. It was pretty much just what we were looking for at the the time, and we’ve spent the last 7 years really making it our own!

  • Painted the walls from yellowy beige to the softest palest grey (Plascon Plaster Cahsmere)
  • Painted a blue feature bedroom wall (Soft Pillow)
  • Installed a fireplace (best idea EVER!)
  • Retiled from horrible terracotta-ish pink to bright clean light grey
  • Painted all the interior doors from yellow beige to bright glossy white
  • Swapped kitchen door for a stable door with glass panels
  • Installed a new bathroom cabinet and mirror in BOTH bathrooms
  • Replaced almost all the light fittings… and included a chandelier in the passage and master bathroom
  • Planted loads of plants outside


It’s been great, we’ve been happy.

Your first home purchase will always be special right?

But now, it’s time to move on… So long number 3, it’s been real.

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