before & after

Looking back at number 3

Following on from the last post “Goodbye Number 3” I hauled out (aka went back on Facebook) some old photos of this place when we first moved in and compared them with how it currently looks – you can hardly believe it’s the same place. Yes, I know all the “Before” pics are taken with a cellphone (probably a Blackberry back then!) and the “After” photos are professional shots by the Estate Agent’s photographer, but you get the idea!


Bedroom before – those awful yellow walls!!!

3before bed

Walls painted soft grey and a beautiful bright clean blue, with my tree mural which was perfect for the high ceiling!



The lounge to dining room before!

Yellow walls, horrible small light fitting, dusty old bamboo blinds, dark terracotta (loose!) tiles


The living area got a good upgrade with grey walls, new dangly lights, soft curtains, light grey floor tiles… a fireplace and of course new furniture over the years!


It’s been a very rewarding few years!

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