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Hello number 58

On Thursday 5 May 2016, number 58 was listed for sale, on Friday 6 May at 6pm we went to see it for the first time, expecting to see a house similar to the other properties we have viewed in that same street. Instead we saw something so much more beautiful. So much more than we expected. Something we could picture ourselves in for the next 20-30+ years. On Saturday 7 May we went to see the house again in the daylight, and on Sunday 8 May 2016, we signed the Offer to Purchase.

The rest (after MUCH stress, fighting, bank drama etc etc and then {August} our Buyers bond falling through a week before we were meant to move, selling our house AGAIN {September}, our Sellers having to delay their move to Canada because visa issues, and SARS doing an audit on either us or our  Sellers {October} ) is history!


These are pics from the online listing.

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