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Yesterday, Peter spent the day at our new house, with the guys installing the fiber. He took a few (100!!) photos while he was there, and it’s just made me waaaaaay too excited to move in, in a few weeks!

Even though we’re just coming out of a dry winter and Gauteng has water restrictions and the grass is dry and brown, the garden and bright blue pool is just so beautiful!

Here are a few pics from yesterday… Enjoy!

Lounge – I’m not the hugest fan of face brick interiors – so watch this space!

Passage and stairs to loft


I’ve claimed this spot as my “round fairy garden”

It overlooks the pool too!

Have u ever seen such a gorgeous pool! 

And the most epic photo of all, the most amazing kitchen!

I can NOT wait to move in and start putting our mark on this house! I haven’t been this excited about something since Harry was born!

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