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We tiled!

It was a nightmare, I won’t lie! We moved in and started removing the flooring on the same day… and spent the next week living only in the bedroom and on the patio while we tried not to tear our hair out with the tilers.

Anyway, long painful story short… our new tiles look AMAZING!!


We bought from CTM, and the tile is Origins Sandalwood Grey… and while I originally wanted something a bit greyer, and a bit lighter, this is so gorgeous, and works perfectly with the creamy country kitchen.


Some pics from during the process…


The lounge was laminate… (and not a very nice one, and not very well installed)


the rest of the living areas (dining area, kitchen, scullery and passage) were this beige-y tile… not revolting, but certainly not our style, and not beautiful!




I opened the bedroom door, looked down the passage and saw this, had a fleeting thought of “WHAT are we doing!” and promptly closed the door knowing we were making the right decision doing this now rather than in a year or two or ten.


The scullery was the first section to get tiled, and just seeing it come together made me SO EXCITED!



Once the huge open plan main area got going I couldn’t believe we were finally here!



And just look – totally worth it… just LOVE IT!



PS if you are sneaky and observant, you’ll see other changes taking place… but that’s a whole other bunch of posts.


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