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Just moved in

Moving our furniture into this house was basically a dream come true. A dream that I had been dreaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the last 6 months. I used to lie awake at night in bed and picture where everything would go and how it would look. I mentally moved in so many months ago, so to physically move in was quite something!


Some pics taken from the online listing (by a pro with a wide angle lens!) compared to now (not taken by pro, but rather by me and my phone)…


Kitchen before:

Kitchen within the first week… notice anything different? 🙂



Lounge before …

Lounge on moving-in-day… man I love these tiles! What a difference they make



Bedroom before:


Bedroom in moving-in-week, once the new double curtain rail was put up, and the gauzy white curtains hung. Also, how awesome is it that I have (the most comfortable) recliner in the bedroom!



We’re so happy here, and feeling right at home, and it’s only been a few weeks <3




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