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Bring some Bling

I do like me a bit of bling! For ages I’ve wanted to create a special spot for my perfume and glam it up. I’ve been putting it off until after the move.

A few weekends ago I decided THIS was the weekend to make this happen. Since it really was such a quick and easy “fix” I can’t even call it a project!

A quick trip to Mr P Home and I found this great little tray which was almost exactly what I had in mind… silver, filigree, mirror, glam, blingy, under R200 – what’s not to love


I popped all my pretties onto it, snipped some pretty hibiscus flowers from the garden and, boom, an instant glamour upgrade!





The vase jumped out at me on the way out the shop, and since it was only R50 I couldn’t say no! Plus I love fresh flowers and this matches the whole setup here.





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