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{ DIY } Old Pallet into a Christmas Tree

While scouting around the garden for things left behind from the previous owners that needed to be thrown away, or moved, or packed away or repurposed, I discovered half an old pallet in December. Just half a pallet, so it didn’t seem particularly useful. However, since it was December and Christmas decorations were EVERYWHERE, I got it in my head that I wanted to make a Christmas Tree with it!

I didn’t take a photo of the palett before (rookie error!) but it looked something like this, but only had three planks – all the same length and width. (below image from a Google Search)


I measured out how to cut each plank into two different lengths which would give us 6 pieces going from big to small. Then we scrounged around the garage and found another plank to use as the middle piece. Some cutting and hammering later – we had something resembling a Christmas tree! I lightly spray painted it with white and gold and left it to dry.


A day or two later I decorated it with small pinecones from the neighbour’s garden, some bird shaped fairy lights normally hung in my bathroom, two little strings of homemade bunting I had made… and topped it with a star cut out of hessian, spray painted gold and glued on an icecream stick. It had pride of place in the lounge.


Our rustic Christmas tree looked pretty great and got a lot of compliments from various guests we had over the festive season. The best part? It literally cost us NOTHING… everything was found lying around the house! WIN!!


And bless my husband who I roped into this project without telling him what i wanted to make… I just told him “cut here”,  “hammer here”, “turn this like this” … I think he is learning to just roll with my crazy ideas!

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