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Dear Sellers…

Our Sellers – Andrew & Lisa – were just the most wonderful people and I wanted to write them a letter… especially since it seems the norm is that sellers are a nightmare and once they have you hooked, they let the property run to the ground


Dear Sellers,

We have so much to thank you for! Some days I felt like we were the buyers from hell… In the 6 months between the evening we saw the house for the first time, and the day we moved in, we pestered you SO MANY TIMES to come through – either to measure for the tilers (twice!!), or to arrange the fibre guys to come in, or to show my parents what we had just bought, and to meet Jerry, and to measure for the guys who installed the extra fencing and gates (twice!!)! Every time I asked to come past again, I cringed a little, but you were always so accommodating and kind and friendly to us.

When the delay in selling our townhouse came about, you guys could very easily have called the whole thing off and sold to someone else to get this over with and be a step closer to your new life – but you stuck with us. You were patient and understanding and supportive to us while we were panicking… even though you guys had so much else on your plate over and above your move out the country with two small girls.

And speaking of the girls, I often think of them, and their Spring Day gift to us… Really so special!

The day we moved in, we were greeted by a sweet little message to all of us on the whiteboard – welcoming us home!



Opening the fridge to stock it with snacks for moving day, we discovered THREE bottles of champagne (and a bottle of milk) … even while organising your own upheaval across the world, you had time to think of us <3


If that wasn’t all enough, you guys even arranged and paid for a service for the heat pump to ensure everything was in great working order for us.


Thank you for ensuring we moved into a clean house, with a tidy garden and a sparkling pool! With everthing in working order.

Thank you for the big file with all the user manuals and slips (fridge, generator, pool pump, pool net, lawn mower, weed eater etc etc etc).

Thank you for all the whatsapps answering my questions (where is the switch for the outside light? How does the kitchen extractor fan work?).

Thank you for showing us the trick to lock the kitchen door (lift and push).

Thank you for leaving us a hand towel and soap and loo paper in both the bathrooms.


We are TRULY so grateful for you guys… we wish your family all the very best in your new adventures in Canada! When you visit SA, please know that your old door is always open, and we would love to see you.

We couldn’t’ve had better sellers if we had chosen them.

Thank you.


Forever grateful,

Peter & Tanya (and Harry, Oscar & Summer)


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