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WARNING – Image heavy post – I can’t help myself!

A little while ago I posted this Sneak Peek in my excitement of this project, and now it’s complete!


A bit of background… in 2013 we went to Wales to visit friends, and I discovered Laura Ashley… more specifically, I discovered Laura Ashley’s phenomenal range of absolutely exquisite wallpaper. Back in 2013, there really wasn’t much in the way of wallpaper in South Africa, and I fell in love with so many different papers. Back then, we were obviously still living at Number 3, with no intention to move anytime soon and I decided I wanted to wallpaper the wall at the end of the passage. I chose this lovely soft neutral natural wallpaper called Marble Weeping Willow and promptly bought 3 rolls!



Anyway, I was never actually brave enough to unwrap a roll and actually put it up on the wall at the end of the passage. Like I said, wallpaper in SA is not very big, and even less so 3 years ago, which means I didn’t know where to even start looking for help! So when we bought this house, I moved in with 3 beautiful rolls of unwrapped wallpaper that I had been dying to use for over 3 years! And the first time I saw this house (on Friday 6 May 2016) I knew EXACTLY which wall I wanted to wallpaper with my Weeping Willow! So, it’s been a long, long, long time coming!!

This is a pic from the online listing of the house when it was on the market…


I hate red walls. Hate hate hate hate hate. It makes me feel uneasy and anxious. And sometimes even nauseous – yes really. I knew if this was going to be our house, the Red Wall had to go – soon!… and what better way to turn the wall I hated the most into the wall I would love the most!

The guys who tiled for us in October rhinolited the Red Wall at the same time – which made me happy because then the wall was just raw cement-coloured for a while. And it was sooooooo smoooooooth! I couldn’t resist stroking it every time I walked past.



Two weekends ago, we got a guy to come and hang the wallpaper after deciding it was too scary to do ourselves, since it’s quite a feature wall! Watching him work, especially going around the corners and under the arch of the passage on the left, made me SO GLAD we didn’t attempt this ourselves!






It took Lebo about 3 hours including prep and cleanup… isn’t it gorgeous!




Another Sneak Peek from July (!!!) was a purchase I couldn’t resist, and i KNEW EXACTLY where it was going long before we moved in.

An oversized French style clock in the perfect colour… slap bang in the middle of this great wall!



The project was just about done… except for the horrible yellow coloured oak (?) piece at the top of the wall… to be honest, I still don’t really understand this section of wall that juts out and has that weird (dust gathering) surface on the top….. aaaanyway – the yellow oak colour had to go. So I whipped out a ladder and a little sample jar of paint (Plascon’s Cashmere in colour Cement Wash) I had from Number 3, and painted away the yellow. I’m sure someone, somewhere was turning in their grave while I painted over the house’s original wood finishes… oh well. It made me feel better!



And now, it is DONE! (Well, until we paint the surrounding walls… but that’ll be a while!). I love it. Love love love love love love love!! *insert all the heart faces*





Probably, definitely the most dramatic before/after project so far, because the new floors add to the magic of it all!


Excuse the quality difference between professional photographer photo vs iPhone photo










7 thoughts on “Wallpapered!

  1. It looks gorgeous! Wow! Love the covered wood! And now it picks up the colour from the new kitchen light fitting!
    Is the wall not the back of the built-in cupboard from the bedroom behind it…?

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