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Barstool ideas 

We bought two of these raw pine bar stools today to go in the kitchen at the centre island. 

The house came with two chrome and black leather(ish) barstools in the kitchen which obviously serve the purpose, but I’m not a leather and chrome kinda gal. 

We’ve been eyeing out the same shaped stools at Coricraft for a while, but they cost a fortune! So when we saw these at the pine shop today for a few hundred rand, we snapped up two. 
They are raw, untreated pine so they need a bit of love to make them our own. I’m thinking a subtle whitewash and maybe paint the legs mint. Or a bit of a gold dip on the legs… Totally open to suggestions and ideas 🙂

4 thoughts on “Barstool ideas 

  1. Ooh I like the shape! I reckon you whitewash over mint, so the mint shows through, with some gold in the corners, and then… YOU COVER THE TOP WITH FAUX FUR IN WHITE!!!

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