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New Year, New Lounge!

Here’s a before-before pic of the lounge – from the online listing before we bought it 🙂 Remember the laminate floors – ugh!



So, it’s not really the beginning of the year anymore, so the title of this post might seem weird, but on New Year’s Day we started the lounge makeover by painting it!!

We weren’t going to paint so soon, but we had removed all the hooks and nails in the walls and polyfilled them, only to find that the touchup paint we found was NOT ok to use (was stinky and lumpy and gross!). The whole house is painted this colour, it’s a nice enough neutral… with quite a (light) brown undertone. If we’re going for neutrals, my neutral of choice is grey, or even better, greige.

See all the polyfilled patches… We were faced with either living with polyfill patches all over, or just paint the smallest room of the house. So we painted.

IMG_20170101_091433 IMG_20170101_091448


So off we went to Builder’s and bought the same paint we had used for our townhouse, and bought a tin home. (Note – the colour is called Plaster, by Plascon, in a Cashmere finish)

Painting the first coat on, I had such a panic that it was TOOOOOO light! But i remember thinking the same thing when we used it before.




The beagles weren’t much help!




Kind of hard to tell in the pics, but the room looks much brighter and a bit bigger too! Bonus! (don’t mind the light fittings not back on yet)





Little Summer approves of her new lounge 🙂



While we were painting, I got a bee in my bonnet to do something with the rather horrible old brown tiles used on all the interior window sills! Nothing a can of paint can’t fix!



AFTER vs Before

(Note – the colour is called Baby Elephant, by Plascon, in a Cashmere finish… and yes, i realise this is probably NOT the best way or product to paint tiles)



I’ve waited to post this post because we were waiting for new curtains to round off this makeover, and we’ve only just gotten them. Oh, new curtain rods as well, the double ones, like in the bedroom. Obviously there are still a few things we still want to do in here, but for now, it’s as made-over as it’s going to be!





A few little decor bits and pieces… the awesome cushion is a gift from The Goose & The Ginger from Hello Pretty – isn’t it cute <3



Now for the rest of the house to follow in colour!


A little Side-by-side before & after:



Yes, our rustic DIY Christmas Tree is still up because I’m not quite sure where or how to store it!


(Note: pretty much all our furniture in here is from Coricraft)


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