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Since we are slowly starting to paint the whole house, I’ve been giving some thought to feature walls and additional colours. I popped into the Plascon Spaces Showroom in Design Quarter the other day and picked up a few sample pots of different colours, for two different projects. It’s such a cool shop, and the staff are so helpful!

I came home with 4 sample pots (after 2 visits)

IMG_20170218_151824 IMG_20170221_150633

One of the colours is *perfect* and I can’t wait to get going on that project… the other colour is still not quite right though, so I may have to wing it… or go back again and try another sample. It’s just paint, right? No biggie!

IMG_20170221_150738IMG_20170222_091545 copy


4 thoughts on “Colours!

  1. You really need to do more stuff and post it faster! I’m dying over here, with my house needing painting and all kinds of things done, and everything being far too slow; I need to see all the things you’re doing to keep my sanity!

    1. Aw thanks MeeA, it’s happening too slowly here for my liking too – but i’m very impatient! There’s loads more on the go here… and even more on the to do list!

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