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{ DIY } Drawer trio paintover

So when I said the pine barstools were my first Chalk Paint project, I lied a little. A few days after Peter bought me the tins of Fired Earth Chalk Paint, I broke them in on three little drawers in our walk in cupboard.


Before – yip, the good old yellow pine colour. Sigh. The bane of my existence!



I gave them all a wipe down and started painting them.

Like I mentioned in my barstool post, the white Fired Earth chalk paint is REALLY thick, and actually quite difficult to apply unless slightly diluted with water.



I decided to do a bit of an ombre vibe with these 3, so one is pure white, one is 100 of the Fired Earth Larva colour, and the middle one is a mix of Larva and white. I gave them two coats of paint. At this point the only sealer I had was the Fired Earth Soft Wax. So I smoothed on a thin coat of that rather apprehensively. I don’t think the wax would be great for an item of furniture that got a lot of use/traffic… but these drawers don’t get a lot of action, so it seems ok.


I cut some silver & white polka dotted wrapping paper to size to line the drawers, and popped them back in. Much prettier than the yellow wood šŸ™‚






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