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{ FREE PRINTABLE } Pantry Organisation

I never thought of myself as a neat and organized person (just ask my mother and she’ll confirm that I am NOT the tidiest of her children). I’ve always wished I was though. I have a Pinterest board called Organize your Life which is my inspiration for the kind of person I wish I was. So, with a new house with lots more space, I vowed to TRY my very hardest to be organized, and have a dedicated space for (almost) everything!

It’s obviously quite a work in progress, and takes some dedication, but I will tell you that the results of having everything neat and tidy and confined to its own special spot makes for such visually pleasing results that it is an inspiration in itself to keep going.


The pantry is a spot that I tackled recently… chucking out stuff that had expired (pretty much did that during the move 5 months ago, but you really have to keep on top of it!) and also getting rid of things that I bought but didn’t really use, or stuff that I had duplicates of and wouldn’t get to using before it reached its expiry date. I also decided that I wanted to get uniform containers for pantry staples (like flour, sugar, oats etc) – all the Pinterest Pantries have them, and I wanted to get on board. Another thing I decided I needed were pretty labels. There’s a free download of my labels at the end of this post πŸ™‚

So, after much sorting, chucking, arranging… a trip or two to Westpack, a few minutes at my computer designing a label, my pantry is looking much better than it ever has! It’s not quite Pinterest worthy yet, but it’s certainly a start, and it’s the tidiest pantry I’ve ever had!


The little “shelf raisers” are really handy to add more space. The grey one I’ve had for ages (from Boardmans I think) and the white one at the top is a new one from Neat Freak – it’s collapsible too, which I guess is pretty handy. Neat Freak has a whole host of clever storage products, their delivery is not the quickest, but they do have cool stuff to organize your life! I bought a couple of other goodies from them too, for organising other spots at home. I really like this Metal Hanging Shelf and bought two.


Back to the pantry… the clear canister containers are from Westpack and were pretty cheap (I’m really bad with remembering prices and at the time I wasn’t planning on blogging them). Each canister has a cup sized scoop too, which is really great!

The white baskets are also from Westpack and were around R15 each and are super handy for use all over – pantry, bathroom, under the kitchen sink… all over really!



I do still use old containers (boxes and ice cream tubs) for keeping like items together, but maybe, eventually everything will get a total makeover.



Aren’t my labels cute πŸ™‚




It looks so much cleaner than random packs of baking goods!



My labels are 70 x 55mm and printed on vinyl. I then hand wrote on them with permanent marker. My kitchen is aiming to be cream and duck egg, so the labels are made to match.


So, it’s a bit of a work in progress, but I’m so happy with how it’s turning out!


I have decided to share the PDF of my label with you as a { FREE PRINTABLE } – let me know if you use it πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll do more printables in the future!

CLICK HERE to download the PDF.


As a little extra, I’ve set up a peach, yellow and plain white sticker too!

Click the colour you like best below to download the PDF πŸ™‚

pantry labels_new2 pantry labels_new3 pantry labels_new4




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