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{ DIY } Duck Egg is the new Black

I think my motto should be be “Duck Egg is the new Black”… everything black that I can get my hands on is being made over in either white or duck egg, or both! Add a spot of bling and I’m all good!

We’ve had these 3 jars since we moved in together, 12 (OMG!) years ago. We used them a LOT for the first few years, and then they got banished to the back of the top kitchen cupboard for a while.


During the move I rediscovered them, and since our “coffee station” is an open hutch type cabinet I decided they could come out and play again. But black. Ugh. So a little while ago I decided to put my Fired Earth chalk paint (in colour Larva) to the test and see how it would cope with these jars. I wasn’t going to risk painting the stainless steel lids, but the silver colour is fine 🙂

I painted 2 coats of the paint, no primer. Once I started a decided that I wanted something a little *more* but didn’t know what… a bit of bling, or a stencilled pattern, or something. I didn’t have any other paint that grabbed my fancy, so I just painted all the tins and packed them away for a while until I decided what to do.


The finish is quite rough and “streaky” I guess it was the combination of the super smooth original surface and the paintbrush I used. It grew on me though.



A few weeks later, I got some silver spraypaint and went to work adding a spot of bling, by spraying the bottom only, giving a bit of an ombre vibe. Then I sealed each jar with two coats of Granny B Armour and let them dry.




I think they are much prettier than before. Just a pity the seals are so old and ratty looking :/

I read something on another home DIY type blog the other day … it said something along the lines of: When you’re making over an old item of furniture etc you will still have an old piece once you’re done.  I think often we expect the makeover to give a completely brand new item…




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One thought on “{ DIY } Duck Egg is the new Black

  1. I love it! And the fact that the seals show their age is ok for me, because you don’t want a brand new thing anyway or you would have bought it brand new. The silver is such a special touch!

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