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{ DIY } Ratty bedside lamp and shelf makeover

A few months ago, on our neighbourhood whatsapp group, someone was clearing out their cottage and had a few furniture items for sale. I quickly snapped up two small bookshelves for the whopping price of R200 for both! They were in fine functioning shape, but needed a clean and a whack of paint. They’ve been sitting in my garage for a while.

Last week I had a friend coming to stay, so the spare bedroom needed a little bit of love, and I had no money to spare to buy nice things – so instead of a new side table and a pretty new set of lamps I recycled what I had – at NO COST!

This lamp got a bit squashed and dirty in the move and was looking very sad 🙁


Pretty gross huh?

The shelf wasn’t looking much better



I started with the lamp. I removed the shade and spray painted the base with a super shiny gold spray paint. Then I painted the lamp shade with a dark navy paint I had from a bunch of samples I got a while ago. One coat of paint was enough. Then I used a gold glitter paint and sprayed a tiny bit of glitter over the lampshade once the navy had dried. I left the base and the shade to dry, and put it back together again for this:


Pretty hey!


Then the shelf… The original top shelf had been removed and used as a back board on the top section, so I took that off to replace it later as a top shelf. I filled all the holes and gauges with wood filler and gave the whole thing a sanding. Then I painted it with two coats of Fired Earth Arc White Chalk Paint. I did this job outside in the sun, and I must be honest, that wasn’t the best idea as it was really hard to tell where the baby blue ended and the white began, so it’s not the best paint job you’ll ever see. For this reason, I didn’t seal the shelf, only the top shelf which I then screwed back into position. I’ll give the whole thing another coat of paint and seal it when I have a chance. I also want to add a back board to the shelf, but I ran out of time for this one as I wanted it all ready for our house guest.

The shelf now doubles up as storage and a bedside table in the guest room.


Don’t mind the pink and lilac walls… we’ll get to those eventually!






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