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{ DIY } Spray painted Chandelier

I’m still painting everything I can get my hands on… and spray paint is my latest obsession!

Slowly but surely, everything that is black or orange-pine coloured is being painted either white or duck egg as you know. Or maybe even gold. Or silver. But that’s post for another day. Today’s chosen makeover colour was white!


The wrought iron chandelier in the double volume dining area (sounds so posh!) is wonderfully bright, and very necessary in this space… but the black wrought iron would not by my first choice of hanging lighting. Of course, replacing it with something else is absolutely not an option, so we decided that there’s nothing a coat of paint can’t fix.


Here’s a pic from when the “Red Wall” was still red


Then we wallpapered the Red Wall (I still call it the Red Wall btw!)



We decided to only take the main part of the lighting down, and leave the chain and the cup goody on the rafter.

So, down it came (by just widening the gap between the last chain link and cutting the electricity cable). I removed all the bulbs, and hosed everything down to clean it. It was REALLY dusty! I took off all the “diamonds” and gave them a good wash in hot soapy water so they sparkled again!

I used the Rustoleum primer and the Rustoleum Chalk Paint spraypaint which is FANTASTIC!

One coat of primer and two coats of paint. And a light coat of spray lacquer. Obviously letting each coat dry before spraying on the next.


It was incredibly rewarding watching the black being replaced by this bright matte white!

Once it was all dry, I put the globes back in, reattached the now sparkly “diamonds” and we hung it back up again…






I love the above picture… so many projects! The mint pendant over the kitchen island, the chalk painted barstools at the island, the wallpaper, the giant clock… and the tiles – obviously!

You can totally see the invasion of mint/duck egg and white here! *insert heart eye emoji*


I’m REALLY happy with how it turned out! It’s much less offensive now that it’s white – it actually looks quite glam in white and all sparkly again! Maybe when we do the rafters we will do something about the chain.



I must thank Heidi for putting the idea in my head to spray this… if she hadn’t suggested it months ago, I probably would never have even thought of it!


2 thoughts on “{ DIY } Spray painted Chandelier

  1. I love this! We’ve had a black chandelier dangling in our dining room that I hate – I’m going to take a leaf out your book and try this 🙂

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