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Guest Bedroom (six week?) makeover challenge

The blog has been pretty quiet lately, and not too much DIY-ing has been happening over the last while. I guess winter will do that to you.

We’ve been here for almost a year! Can you believe it!? I can’t. In celebration of being here for almost a year, we’ve decided to use our year anniversary as a deadline to makeover the guest bedroom! Nothing like the pressure of a deadline to motivate you!

So, before the end of October we’d like to completely makeover this (rather sad, personality-less, disjointed) room:



At least NOW it has a bed and that little shelf and lamp I blogged a while ago.

The last few months of last year the room was completely empty and we set up a desk in there and I used it for wrapping Christmas presents over December!

IMG_20161223_170238 copy



Anyway, so we have a long list of things to do for the makeover. I figured I’d share the list here, and maybe it will inspire us to keep going full steam ahead AND maybe do a weekly update of what we worked on each weekend leading up to the reveal, which will hopefully be on time at the end of October!

So, the To Do List for the Guest bedroom makeover:

  1. Replace ceiling light (DONE – last weekend 2 & 3 September 2017)
  2. Get and move Harry’s bed to my office (since our Harry dog got sick, we have actually moved the bed mattress onto the floor for him and it’s been “his” room for the last 2 months or so… So we’ve decided to get a single bed mattress and move it into my office for him, so we can get the guest bedroom back) (DONE – 16 September we got Harry a single mattress and made up his Christmas bed in my office, and put the Guest bed back together)
  3. Buy and paint the pink & lilac walls the same neutral as the lounge (and eventually the rest of the house)
  4. Buy and paint the one feature wall (and hope that my choice is the right one!). I’m really excited, and nervous for this one!
  5. Remove old curtain rail
  6. Buy and put up new curtain rail
  7. Buy new curtains (I guess this could wait, depending on budget available)
  8. Put up LED light strip in built in vanity area
  9. Find and buy mirror for vanity area (hoping to find something I like, again, budget dependent)
  10. Decor on the feature wall. I have a bunch of ideas here, and I’m quite flexible with what I’m looking for
  11. Fix cupboards doors. This involves removing the doors, taking out the screws used by previous owners to hang their kid’s posters etc on the door, sanding the doors, repainting them, replacing the handles, and putting the doors back. I feel this is a MASSIVE project on its own that will make a HUGE difference in the room, but I honestly don’t know if we are cut out for that particular project
  12. Paint the ceiling. This is one Peter decided we should do, again, big difference but I’m wondering if it can wait.
  13. Replacing the cornices is also a negotiable at this point. Also – have you seen the length of this list!?

So, stay tuned! But more importantly… wish us luck!

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