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{ Week 1 DIY } Guest Bedroom :: New Light

{ Part of the Guest Bedroom Makeover Series }

Playing a bit of catchup… The makeover started in August with the removal of the old ceiling light in the bedroom, and the repair of the ceiling where we took the light down. Silly me, no before pic of the light, but it was pretty similar to the one in the passage, and I have a pic of that!



I had bought two lights from Mr Price Home a few months ago, one for my office, and one for the spare bedroom. They had them in White, Black and Dark Green. Obviously I wanted the white. But the green ones were R200 (i think) cheaper than the white! So we bought the green with the intention of spraypainting them white.

MrP seems to only have the black ones on their site.


Here’s a pic of the label from the box of the Green lights



So I took the lights apart as much as I could, set up a little spraypainting zone outside with my much loved Rustoleum Chalked spraypaint in Linen White, and got rid of that nasty dark green.

It took two coats and looks FAB!





Left it to dry, put all the bits back together and we connected all the wiring and hung it up.

*Note* It sounds super easy, but the wiring in this room was SUPER weird! We tripped the power, had sparks, I screamed, we blew the wall switch (rushed out to buy a new one and replaced it) and this job actually spanned over 2 weekends. But never mind!



So, step 1 was finally complete and I really love the light! (We have done the one in my office too!)

Much nicer than that big flat ceiling light, and also much brighter.


Stay tuned for the next phase of the Guest Room Makeover

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