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{ Week 2 DIY } Guest Bedroom :: Paint

{ Part of the Guest Bedroom Makeover Series }

YES! We painted! The weekend of 9 & 10 September was pretty much all about painting!

After a LOT of back and forth and “is it too dark?”, “is it dark enough?”, “is it too much?” , “I really think I’ll love it”, “what if I don’t?!” I decided to go with my original plan for the feature wall! More later though.

The other 3 neutral walls were a super easy call and we went with my old faithful Plaster, by Plascon, in a Cashmere finish. We pulled out all the hooks (not many!) in the room, removed the curtain rail, removed the one shelf and filled all the holes before I got going.

Before pics:



Yup, the walls are pink and lilac. Yup, a little girl lived here.

So, I started with the feature wall because I was just toooooooo excited.

I eventually chose a colour called Black as Night, by Plascon, in the Cashmere finish.



It’s a really thin, translucent paint, so with the first coat, I could still see the pink shining through, but I loved it! It’s a super dark, rich navy. The room gets a lot of light, and a lot of sunshine against that wall in the afternoon, so even though the colour is super bold and dark, I feel like with all the light it’s ok!

After two coats it looked SO fabulous and it really inspired me to keep this room going! In fact, with that pink wall gone, the lilac walls didn’t even look so bad anymore! Left it overnight and I did the other 3 walls in the neutral the following day. Painting a neutral colour is ridiculously boring and all the excitement I felt doing the navy the day before had completely evaporated 🙁 But I soldiered on. Also, every time I use this colour paint (whole house in our townhouse, and this lounge, and this passage so far) i ALWAYS start off by thinking “OMG, this is too light and white and yucky, what was I thinking”… this time was no different. But by the end of the project, and two coats later it is a lovely soft perfect neutral. It also looks REALLY revolting with pale pink!

There is this little built in section in the room that was super hard to paint, but is going to be turned into a dresser/vanity area 🙂



The furniture is still kind of all over the place and we haven’t got the bed set up, so this is really more of a Sneak Peek than a finished product as I don’t have decent “after” photos… but they’ll come in the reveal! I really feel like painting this room was one of the biggest parts of this project, so I’m super glad it is done. It also makes me really happy that the walls aren’t pink and lilac anymore. Painting this room also made me come to terms with the fact that I will NOT be painting anymore rooms in this house – I am over it!



In the mean time, how fabulous is this going to be once the whole room comes together!


(lamp above was the little revamp I blogged about before…)


Oh, we also popped up a new curtain rail, that that is ready for when I finally get around to looking for new curtains.



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