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The start of The Rose Wall

So, the deadline for the Guest Bedroom Makeover has come and gone, and things DRASTICALLY slowed down after we started with such gusto! But we have been doing a few little things here and there. But in the mean time… let’s take a walk outside….

I love roses, and have planted them in the gardens of both places we lived before here. This garden, as fabulous, and as big as it is, did not have one single rose!  I decided a few months ago where I wanted to start making a rose garden… the boundary wall at the top of the garden along the road-side is pretty long, and has a load of Rain Irises in the bed. I don’t love the Rain Irises, and decided to slowly convert that whole section along the wall into a beautiful rose bed.

Our fabulous gardener dug the bed during winter, and he’s been feeding the soil with grass cuttings and compost over the last few months.


Two weeks ago we popped out to Ludwig’s Roses in Kyalami and bought our first 5 rose bushes. Can I just say that Ludwig’s were AMAZING! Such variety, and the guy who helped us was so great… I walked away with a small bunch of hand picked roses from our “tour”.

So this is the bed when we got home, and placed our purchases ready for planting


They’re all starting to bloom now, and I’m so excited to finally have some roses. IMG_20171028_100622



The roses we bought are:

Johannesburg Sun – a creamy yellow with wavy petals

Vanessa – a fabulous deep dark fuchsia pink. Almost red, but not. My favourite.

Thula – a full and frilly pink rose (pic above)

Duftwolke – a vibrant coral colour

Tropical Sunset – yellow and orange stripes! We planted this one in the long flower bed by the pool, and not in along The Rose Wall.

The long term plan is for the bed to run the entire length of the wall, full of beautiful colours.

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  1. That is so cool! I found an article the other day on growing roses from cuttings – so if you have something gawjiss in a bouquet you can grow your own rosebush from it!

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