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{DIY} Pine Dressing table makeover

I’ve had my dressing table for, probably, close on 20 years. It’s a little pine thing, that has splats of nail polish on it, nail polish remover bleached spots, some of the mirror clip things are missing… it’s really not beautiful and has seen better days.





But have you seen the prices of new dressers!? Wow – not gonna happen I’m afraid 🙁

So I figured I’d just paint what I have – it couldn’t be any worse.


I’d seen Sharon’s bedroom makeover using Fired Earth Cabinet & Furniture paint and I liked the sound of JUST paint, no sealing after, like I’ve done with the Chalk Paint. So I went to buy a tin. I bought Mocha Chocca.  (A note about their colour swatches: on their website, point of sale in store AND the actual label on the tins: The colours are NOT accurate in my opinion. Being a designer and having worked in the print industry for a long time, I know it is impossible to recreate a paint colour on screen and in print, but I really do think the representations are VERY far off the actual paint. But moving along…)


I removed the mirror, took out the drawers and popped it on my work table outside. I gave everything a bit of a sanding (We have an electric sander, but I really don’t think it took much of anything off – except the old nail polish and general dirty mess). Wiped it down to remove the sanding dust, and painted.


Easy peasy.

Coat 1 looked pretty awful and I started panicking that I should’ve done a better job sanding!



I let it dry for a bit – it dries super fast, which is great as I like one day games. Did a second coat which gave great coverage! Relief!

Let that dry. I gave the table top a third coat, because I figured why not.



Once everything was dry, I whipped out a can of Spraypaint (Rust-oleum Chalked in Serenity Blue) and did a light spray on the bottom of the legs, and also the handle knobs. So, originally I wanted to replace the handles, but they are not just screw-in handles… they are glued in with a peg thingy and I couldn’t get them out – so I was a bit sad about that.





Once it was all super dry, I put the mirror and drawers back in, and boom, done! No more pine!




This was very easy! And at under R300 for a 1L tin of paint it was a really affordable project.

Oh, the little stool is ancient – and I repainted and covered it years ago. It was also pine coloured, and the seat was (of all things!) red velvet!

My thoughts on the paint: 

  • Like I said the swatches are quite deceiving
  • The formula is smooth and creamy
  • Coat 1 was pretty thin and streaky, but after 2 coats, coverage was great
  • It dries to a slightly glossy finish which isn’t my favourite – it looks a bit “enamel-ish” for my taste
  • It’s been about a month and the wear and tear is great – no scrapes or chips.
  • I will definitely use it again, and try other colours for other projects, so stay tuned!
  • IMG_8630


I’m pretty happy with the end result – definitely better than the orange pine! And it was a quick fix, wish I had done it ages ago!





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