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{DIY} Ombre Bedroom Wall

Towards the end of last year, I decided I had had enough of the bland beige bedroom wall. And I was all of a sudden desperate for new bedroom furniture, and a headboard. I’ve never in my life had a headboard, and I felt that the time was NOW to finally have a proper adult bedroom with a matching bed set. Cielo was having an awesome sale on the headboard and bedside table set that I had wanted for (literally!) years. I bit the bullet and ordered it. Then I decided that we were not allowed to open and use the new furniture until I had painted the feature wall.

Here’s a before pic.

Pretty ugh, super bland.


All our linen is some shade of blue/turquoise/teal/duck egg, so the feature wall needed to work with that. I took my colour inspiration from my favourite Le Crueset colour, Carribean Blue… and decided I needed an Ombre wall


Off I went to Mica, browsed the Plascon paint samples and picked these 3 that I thought would work:

L to R: Impressionist's Sky, Sea Garden and Bay Bridge
L to R: Impressionist’s Sky, Sea Garden and Bay Bridge

I bought 1L tins… 2 tins of the lightest colour, and 1 tin each of the medium and darkest colour.

Then the fun started. I painted the whole wall in the lightest colour, one coat only.


Then I measured the wall and taped it off into thirds. The tape is for a guideline only, not neat sharp lines.


I started getting a bit nervous at this point, as the tutorials I had casually watched were all so different I wasn’t quite sure which technique to go for. So I just went for it. I painted 2 coats on each of the 3 sections, leaving a gap of about 30cm between each colour band.


Once each section had 2 coats of colour, I got even more nervous as the blending had to start! I took one part of the lightest colour, and one part of the medium colour and mixed a new colour and used a roller to “join” the top 2 colour bands with the new colour. Then I took a wide paintbrush, and dipped it in the lightest colour, added a touch of my “new” colour and kind of went at the join in a crosshatch motion, drybrushing the line to blend it between the sections. Did the same with the same new mix colour and the medium/middle colour.

Then repeated that process to mix a new, new colour to blend the middle section to the darkest, bottom section. And did my same crosshatch/drybrush technique to get it blended better.

It was nerve wracking I won’t lie!


I kinda just kept going, and making my own little blends in small plastic tubs until I felt like I couldn’t anymore it looked good



After a long and very messy day…



we unpacked our awesome new bedroom furniture, measured it out and mounted the headboard to the wall and pushed everything back into place…

pretty hey?


I have these awesome 10m strings of fairy lights that plug into USB, so we glue gunned a string all around the headboard to give a pretty glow, day and night!





I knew what I wanted above the bed, and searched around, but my word, canvas is expensive! I eventually decided to buy a canvas in the kiddies section at MrP Home, for a mere R149…


I just spraypainted over the trucks and trains, and then went about my DIY. I wanted a quote by poet and author Zaki Mlaba . I typeset her first poetry book about 2 years ago, and there was one quote that just stuck in my head since the minute I laid eyes on it, it’s so beautiful. So i printed it out, traced it onto the now pale grey and white canvas (this was tricky and i kind of used of school carbon paper, and my eye and a freehand) and painted it with some leftover paint from the wall. Added a bit of gold and some tiny gold dots…





And with that, I feel our bedroom makeover is not complete, but definitely on its way.




While this was a pretty daunting task, the cost of the wall paint was just under R250 a tin, so the whole wall, plus the cheapy Mr P canvas totalled around R1000. And a whole day’s work. Obviously the furniture was the bigger spend here, but I really recommend Cielo for their prices and quality. Their delivery was also not bad. All in all, I think our bedroom is now finally a beautiful calm space that is quite reflective of my style. Once all this came together I finally figured out a name for the feeling I’m trying to achieve … I think it is Coastal Farmhouse… what do you think?






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  1. Holy crapballs! I love it so much. I love that the ombré is slightly textured, and the feeling of it matches the kitchen so well, it’s really cohesive with the rest of the house (well, the bits you have fixed up).

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